Hot Aire! is a symphonic concert band based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It is the third generation of a band that began life in 1956 as a brass band and became a concert band under the name Hot Aire! in 1989.

Hot Aire! is renowned for its unique sound created by an unusual combination of woodwind, brass and percussion Рstandard concert band format Рenhanced by the addition of keyboards and electric guitars. Its wide repertoire features music from the shows, recent pops, and special arrangements for the band.

The band attracts musicians from Craven, Aire Valley, Bradford and beyond and is always ready to welcome new members. There is no formal audition, and players are encouraged to enjoy getting the most from their music, developing their skills as musicians by playing in Hot Aire! and other groups if they wish.

For those who feel they are not ready to join Hot Aire!, there is a training band: Fresh Aire! which welcomes beginners and experienced musicians including those who want to try a second instrument.

Hot Aire! is led by the wonderful Stephen Bradnum: an enthusiastic conductor, and published composer with experience in playing, leading and teaching music at all levels.

Tea break

Fresh Aire!

Rhythm section

Two conductors

On the bandstand

After-dinner concert


Fresh Aire! rehearsal

Recording the CD

Hot Aire! on tour