At Hot Aire! we collect a limited amount of personal data as part of our ‘legitimate interests’ in running the bands. We will ask for your name in order to update your subscription record. If you are a UK taxpayer and you would like the band to claim Gift Aid on your subs then we will also ask for your postal address. We maintain an email list to circulate information about concerts, rehearsals, meetings and social events. We ask you to subscribe to this yourself, through the website, and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you choose to unsubscribe then you will not receive emails from Hot Aire! or Fresh Aire!. We will never pass this data to any other organisation (apart from the Inland Revenue for Gift Aid) and we will never use it for anything other than Hot Aire! or Fresh Aire! business.

We use photographs and videos of the band on our website and social media. Although we ask for your permission to do this, you may want a photo or video to be removed. Please use this form to contact the website manager.

Request data removal

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When we organise a residential event, such as the Whitby Weekend or a tour then we will ask for additional information including your phone numbers (so that the organisers can contact you if necessary), passport number/expiry date (if we are going abroad) your dietary requirements and anything else that you feel we need to know such as health or mobility needs. Any data collected for a residential event is available only to the event organisers and will be deleted after the event. If we are organising a tour through a commercial organisation then we will need to pass your information to that organisation. We will also need to pass relevant data to any hotels or residential centres where we have booked accommodation and/or meals.