Register for rehearsals

Please note that the form will close at 10AM on the Friday before the rehearsal.

Attending a rehearsal

Please note that attending rehearsals is completely optional. You are not expected to attend if you or someone in your household is vulnerable and, of course, you must not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

Rehearsals are at Dixons Cottingley, in the canteen. Rehearsals for Fresh Aire! are 09:00-10:00 – please arrive early so that rehearsal can start promptly. Hot Aire! rehearsal is 10:30-12:30 but please arrive at 10:15 for a prompt start. All players must register in advance for rehearsals for two reasons – firstly to help us set up the room and secondly to enable us to contact you easily if  someone reports Covid-19 after a rehearsal.  Sorry, but if you play in both bands you will need to register twice.

Please wear a face-covering (unless you are exempt) until you are seated and about to play. Chairs will be set out in the room and labelled by instrument.

You can only attend a rehearsal if you have registered in advance and you will need to sign in when you arrive.  You will be asked these questions:

  • Have you tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 10 days?
  • Are you waiting for a Covid-19 test or the results?
  • Do you have any symptoms of Covid-19?
  • Do you live with someone who has either tested positive for Covid-19 or had symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 10 days?

Obviously, if the answer to any of those questions would be ‘yes’ then you MUST NOT attend the rehearsal!

You MUST bring

  • Face-covering
  • Your own music stand
  • Music (available on the ‘lockdown sectionals’ G-drive)
  • Pen/pencil
  • Bell cover/moisture guard (can be home-made or purchased from
  • Towel to catch drips
  • And your instrument!

The Hot Aire! rehearsal includes a 30 minute break to air the room.  If you want refreshments during the break then you must bring your own (and your own mug).

Any player who tests positive for Covid-19 within 10 days of attending a rehearsal should notify the band immediately.