I feel very privileged to be part of Hot Aire! and Fresh Aire! Everything about it is amazing. Going on European Tours, concerts, rehearsals, social events, but especially making music together with some very special people.
Pam, Flute

Talent nights at the band Residential are weird and wonderful, crazy and creative! So much fun. There are so many people who dedicate their time to organising events, trips, concerts, tours etc. all for the benefit of others.
Heather, Trumpet

The fact that it’s a family/group of life long friends that have a passion for the band and playing music.
Stephen, Musical Director of Hot Aire! Piano/Tuba/Euphonium/French Horn

Love learning the music and being with everyone in this musical family.
Sue, Piano

Going abroad on music tours every two years, playing concerts at fantastic venues!
Kate H, Alto Saxophone

I love the fact that we can learn to play different instruments. It’s more than just playing music, it’s a family.
Kate A, Flute/Piccolo/Tenor Saxophone

I’m happy to have made some lovely friends along the way, enjoy the laughs and the banter and I’m grateful for all their help and encouragement.
Jean, Alto Saxophone

I like being valued by and central to the band both as the drummer as well as organising past tours abroad and the past band residential weekends at Whitby. Also appreciate friendships and connections.
Keith, Drummer

It doesn’t matter what standard you are either Fresh Aire! or Hot Aire! It’s the enjoyment you get from a Saturday morning, sat with like minded people, having a laugh, playing music together, but most of all I’m so proud I can open a piece of music and play it, well most of it!
Karen, Alto Saxophone

I love playing film music!
Grace, Flute/Alto Saxophone

The music is everything for me.
Pete, Trumpet

It’s such a pleasure and a privilege to conduct and play music with such an amazing, supportive group of people. I love it all!!!
Barbara, Fresh Aire Conductor, Clarinet/Trumpet/Piano

Hill walking on a Sunday with my band mates combines my two favourite pastimes.
Gayle, Oboe